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team sessions

Superior Soccer would love to host a training session with your full team. Florida's soccer season is basically year round but has a lot of breaks through out the season. Whether it be your holiday break, summer break before tryouts or maybe you just threw together a team for a tournament and you need a few good practices before you play! 

Our team training sessions will focus on what you think your team needs. 

Does your team need help with any of these? 

Defensive Team Session Goals: 

- Preventing opponent from building up in their own half

- Preventing the opponent from building up and creating chances in our half

- Preventing the opponent from scoring

Attacking Team Session Goals: 

- Scoring goals

- Building up in opponents half in order to create chances

- Improve building up from own half in order to move the ball to the opponent's half.

Are you on a team that is stuck in a rut? Maybe you are a coach who is stuck in how to move your team forward? Research has shown that change is imperative to a competitive team's success over time. Superior Soccer is the way to go. While we take your team through a session created specifically for your team's needs, you can sit back and watch from a new perspective. Sometimes all it takes is one session for something to click that wasn't clicking before. Sometimes it will take 2-4 sessions. Either way, we will be there with you the whole way making sure your team comes out SUPERIOR. 

Our goals are your goals!

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